It was a huge pleasure to be an external faculty scholar affiliated to the Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK for 3 years, 2014-17. The Centre, whose inaugural director was Prof. Elizabeth Edwards, has grown into a dynamic graduate program led by scholars Kelley Wilder, Gil Pasternak, and Beatriz Pichel. Annually, the Centre holds a conference that brings together researchers across a diverse range of topics. I enjoyed being part of this program and getting to know and talk with many graduate students. I really enjoyed my time in the city of Leicester and post-workshop meals at some of Leicester’s legendary Indian curry restaurants.


Jennifer Tucker is a historian who studies the interrelations of art and science, photography, and mass visual culture, with a specialization in 19th to mid-20th century British, U.S., and trans-Pacific history. The common threads in her diverse research fields are the dynamics of visual media in modern history, the nature of evidence, public perceptions and practices of history, and the interrelationships of science, technology, and the law.


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