In 2014, I was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of York (History of Art Department), and conducted research on the role of photography and visual culture of the Tichborne Claimant legal case in the late 19th century. My family joined me and we had an amazing year in beautiful Yorkshire and made many new friends. One of my favorite discoveries was the National Railway Museum in York, whose reading room is named “The search engine.”

Touring the new construction at the York Art Gallery with members of the History of Art Dept, Univ of York.
First UK Fulbright dinner, The Great Hall, Durham Castle. 2014.


Jennifer Tucker is a historian who studies the interrelations of art and science, photography, and mass visual culture, with a specialization in 19th to mid-20th century British, U.S., and trans-Pacific history. The common threads in her diverse research fields are the dynamics of visual media in modern history, the nature of evidence, public perceptions and practices of history, and the interrelationships of science, technology, and the law.


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